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Topcon is pleased to announce the versatile RE-S1 1 watt radio extension system with field-proven, 915+ technology. The RE-S1 can be utilized as a transmit/receive external 915+ radio with any Topcon receiver or as a stand-alone repeater to increase range between base and rover.


Features Include:

  • 1 watt transmitting power for long range communication between base and rover receivers
  • Repeater mode allows operational range to be extended
  • Compatible with any Topcon GNSS receiver and supports all products with 915+ radio technology
  • No FCC licensing required
  • Can be used as mobile repeater with optional car lighter adapter




Enclosure Aluminum
Dimensions W:145 x H:110 x D:35 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Antenna External
Battery External (no internal power source)
Controller External
LEDs One LED: RX TX – modem status
Communication I/O
Communication Ports Two high speed RS232 serial ports
Port specifications RS232 Serial Port
  Baud rate: 460800,230400,115200(Default),57600,
     38400,19200,9600,4800,2400,1200,600, 300
  Flow control: RTS/CTS
  Length: 7,8 (default)
  Sop bit: 1 (default), 2
  Parity: None (default), Odd, Even
Connectors Modem Antenna (reverse polarity TNC), PWR, RS232
MINTER One LED (see “LEDs” on page 9 for details)
Antenna Type
Type 1/2 wave articulating whip
Connector Reverse polarity TNC
Gain 2.5 dBi
Modem and Connector
Modem Spread Spectrum
Type Reverse polarity TNC
Signal Type Modem I/O
Dir I/O
Details RF/GSM output from modem antenna
Operating temperature 40 C° to +55 C°
Storage temperature 40 C° to +75 C°
Humidity 95%
General Modem Details
Frequency Range country/region/purpose dependent 902 to 928 MHz, United States                                             915 to 925 MHz, Australia
Signal structuring Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
Hopping pattern 5 per band, user-selectable
Hopping channels 128
Occupied bandwidth 100 KHz
Frequency modulation technique FSK, 64 Kbps
System gain 29 dB
Operation mode Transmitter, Receiver, Repeater
Protocol FH915, FH915+
Data Communications
Serial interface RS232
Serial data rate 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 bps, user selectable
Effective radio link rate 9600, 10200, 17000, 51000 bps User selectable for FH915; automatic selection for FH915+
Error correction FEC (15.7), majority decoding
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