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Topcon DS105 AC+ 5" Robotic Total Station

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DS Direct Aiming Station with XPointing Technology

Featuring Topcon's new XPointing technology, the DS seeks out prisms even in dim or dark conditions, fast! Tailor made for construction, the DS also features advanced TOPO, stakeout and mesh scan capabilities via it's onboard MAGNET™ software. And it's made to go right to work. In fact, the DS's ease of operation will be obvious from the time you turn it on. Simply add a data collector and the DS becomes a one-man measuring solution! The DS features a Bluetooth range of up to 1000' (300m), a waterproof housing, super-accurate encoder for reliable accuracy, and TS Shield to secure and maintain your investment. The DS is the construction layout tool you can't afford not to have.


  • Xpointing fast, reliable prism acquisition technology
  • MAGNET™ Software On-board
  • 1,000m reflectorless operation
  • Exclusive LongLink Communications
  • TSshield™‚ Advanced Security and Maintenance
  • Rugged Water Resistant IP65 construction



Resolving Power 2.5" (seconds)
Magnification 30x
Angle Measurment  
Minimum Resolution/Accuracy 5" (seconds)
Tilt Angle Compensaton  
Compensation Dual-axis compensator
Range ±6'(minutes)
Distance Measurement  
Prism EDM Range
Prism EDM Accuracy
Non-Prism Range
Non-Prism Accuracy
Measuring Time
Fine: 0.9sec
Optional Auto-Tracking  
360° Prism Range 2-600m/
Sgl Prism Range 1.3-1000m/
1.LongLInk™ rover communications
2.USB2.0 Slot (host & slave)
3.RS-232C Serial
Display Color Touch TFT 240x320 QVGA Display (Dual Display)
Keyboard 25 keys with illuminator (Single keyboard)
Battery Operation Up to 5 hours
Dust/Water Protection IP65
Wireless Connection Bluetooth® Class 1
Operating Temperature -4°F to +122°F
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